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Ditch the Quick Fix is a leading integrative health podcast hosted by Dr. Damon Ernst, DC. It provides practical insight from highly established experts to identify often unknown knowledge for healing, prevention, or optimization.

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About the show

There is an ever increasing need for educating the masses about health considering the harmful narrative provided by wealthy and powerful pharmaceutical companies. This podcast aims to educate people on how to heal themselves with science backed interventions and tactics, primarily from a natural healthcare perspective.

  • Created for those desiring to get well or optimize with natural remedies
  • A new episode every week
  • Interviews with world-class health experts
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What our listeners say

This podcast gives listeners truly valuable information to empower listeners and take control of their most precious asset - health. I'm a big fan.

Caspar Szulc, Innovative Medicine

Dr. Ernst does an exceptional job at asking questions to extract valuable information.

Micah Lowe, The Ozonaut

Damon masterfully brings out the important points and the resulting podcast is entertaining, accurate, and informative.

Bob Dennis PhD, NASA Scientist

This podcast is the best and has helped me to make informed decisions for myself and my family.

Charlene Black

Ditch The Quick Fix has filled in the void made by mainstream narrative by providing invaluable, practical counsel and tools that have inspired me to make easy changes for health. I never miss an episode!

Shane Snediker

This podcast helps me to live a healthier, more energetic life!

Mandy Cowan, Fitness Coach

About the host

Dr. Ernst started his career in healthcare in 1990.  With his wife and partner Shannon, they purchased Shelton Chiropractic Center in 1998.

A dedicated chiropractor, caring family-man, and devoted Christ-follower, Dr. Ernst has spent the last 25 years honing his skills as a health professional.

His passion for healthcare has led to years of research, as well as countless hours of learning and teaching others how to live a healthy life.

Dr. Ernst takes a holistic, full-bodied approach to healthcare, and believes focusing on primarily natural means is the best way to live a better, more sustainable life.

In Ditch the Quick Fix, he will be sharing his wealth of information with those who want to live a healthier, more fulfilling life through holistic ways.

Dr. Damon Ernst, DC

Chiropractor and Podcaster