11 Steps To Recover From Chronic Illness w/ Scott Forsgren (Part 2)

Last week, in part 1 of this insightful conversation on recovering from chronic illnes

Last week, in part 1 of this insightful conversation on recovering from chronic illness, we touched on steps 1 to 5 of Scott Forsgren’s process. Today, we continue the conversation with steps 6 to 11.

The KEY takeaway from this discussion is that there’s always hope.

"Don't lose HOPE; there is more hope for recovering from these chronic conditions now more so than ever" Scott Forsgren 

With the right course of action for your individual situation, everybody is capable of healing from any chronic illness. 

It’s not easy, and neither is it quick….that’s why we always tell you to Ditch the Quick Fix.

The 11 Steps to Better Health 

To recap the 11 steps we cover over the two episodes:

  1. Detox and Drainage
  2. Improving external environment
  3. Optimizing sleep
  4. Optimizing mental and emotional health
  5. Retraining the Limbic System
  6. Stabilizing mast cells and inflammation
  7. Optimizing hydration, nutrition, microbiome, and gut health
  8. Support mitochondrial, adrenal, coagulation, and KPU
  9. Supporting microbial overgrowths
  10. Exploring dental contributors
  11. Regeneration and restoration

In each of these 11 steps, Scott outlines the tools and resources that can help us achieve the objectives of that step. Remember the steps build on each other. For instance, you can’t heal in the same external environment that made you sick.

If you have things like mold in your house or office, you need to get rid of it first. That’s why addressing the external environment is high up in step 2. 

When you listen to this two-part series, you’ll simply be amazed at all the opportunities for health and healing. In some cases, the pharmaceutical route will be helpful, but there’s much more available to us. 

Scott graciously shares all this information with us on our journeys to better health and recovery from chronic illnesses.

Take a pen and paper and 🎧 tune in because you are about to learn A LOT of good stuff.

Damon Ernst

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