Holistic Skincare Approach for Glowing and Healthy Skin w/ Alexis McClay, Co-Owner of KOA Life

Your skin is arguably the largest organ in the body and absorbs the things it comes in

Your skin is arguably the largest organ in the body and absorbs the things it comes into contact with. This is true for the skin care products we apply to our bodies daily.

Unfortunately, most skin care products on the market are harmful to our skin and overall health. They contain chemicals and heavy metals that enter our bloodstream and lead to a myriad of health problems.

Chronic exposure to these chemicals through regular application of these cosmetic products is causing cancer, chronic skin problems, reproductive issues, gut health problems, etc.

In the US, women use about 12 different personal skincare products daily with up to 185 different chemicals in themAlexis McClay.

In this episode, I am joined by Alexis McClay, Co-Owner of KOA Life, to discuss the harmful effects of using the wrong skin care products and what we can do instead.

We explore a holistic skincare approach involving a healthy lifestyle, gut health, bio hacks, nutrition, proper rest, and natural skin care products.

The Importance of Gut health to Glowing Skin

Even before you think about using natural skin care products, your gut is the first place to start. As we had observed with Kiran Krishnan in episodes 45 and 46, a lot of your health starts with your gut.

By reducing foods that cause inflammation and making better lifestyle choices, we increase our chances of having healthy, glowing skin.

One key takeaway from this episode that Alexis shares is that if you are going to use a skincare product, ensure you understand the ingredients used. Avoid heavy metals such as mercury and carcinogens such as formaldehyde, common in many cosmetic products on the market.

I would definitely tend to do a natural oil and just monitor the amount of time you spend in the sun over using any over-the-counter sunscreen.Alexis McClay.

Tune in to this discussion to learn more about taking good care of your skin and overall health through some practical and simple steps.

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