Mold and Environmental Exposures Health Impacts w/ Dr. Matt Pratt-Hyatt

Mold, bacteria, and other mycotoxins exposure at home and in offices is a big national

Mold, bacteria, and other mycotoxins exposure at home and in offices is a big national problem. Perhaps due to not seeing or smelling these toxins, many people don’t have an appreciation of how dangerous they are and the numerous health problems they cause.  

To better understand the extent of this problem and what we can do to remediate it, I am joined by Dr. Matt Pratt-Hyatt.

Dr. Matt Pratt-Hyatt received his Ph.D. in cellular and molecular biology from the University of Michigan. He has trained under Dr. Curtis Klaassen, one of the world’s leading toxicologists. He is currently working with The Mold Pros as a scientific advisor.

Main Health Problems Associated with Mold

While mold is found naturally and is even beneficial to the environment, it is not welcome at home, office, or anywhere else you spend a lot of time.

Indoor mold should be avoided at all costs due to the many health problems associated with it, including mental health, chronic health, fertility, and metabolism disorders.

Many people aren’t even aware that some of their health problems might have been caused by mold and other mycotoxins.

The common routes of exposure to mold and mycotoxins are through:

  • Inhalation
  • Skin exposure
  • Occupational exposure
  • Ingestion of mold-contaminated food

Once mold gets into the human body, it can proliferate and stay for up to 10 years. This means you can move houses but still continue suffering the effects of prior mold exposure.

The symptoms and severity of the disease will depend on the length and amount of exposure, mycotoxin type, general health, age, and sex of the patient. 

Other factors such as coexisting health conditions, dietary deficiencies, and other environmental exposures may worsen the symptoms and lead to chronic effects.

Natural Bioremediation of Mold

Dealing with a mold problem at home or business can be scary and expensive, but as Dr. Matt explains in this episode, it doesn’t have to be. Using toxic chemicals to fight mold and mycotoxins creates other health problems.

At home, any leak from the roof or plumbing should be promptly repaired to prevent moisture accumulating. This is the perfect environment for mold spores to settle and proliferate. 

A mold problem isn’t apparent in most cases since the spores aren’t visible to the naked eye. By the time you see it, it is a big problem.

The Mold Pros use bio enzymes to degrade mold and mycotoxins, limiting the amount of tear-out and rebuilding needed. This comprehensively addresses a mold problem without introducing toxic chemicals while making it affordable.  

But before they come in, they do a thorough inspection and testing using the latest technology to determine the extent of the problem and how best to approach the remediation.  

In this episode, Dr. Matt Pratt-Hyatt takes us through the health impacts of mold and other environmental exposures and how we can comprehensively bioremediate a mold problem. 

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