The interplay between the microbiome and innate immunity w/ Kiran Krishnan

In this episode, we are exploring the role of the microbiome in regulating our immune

In this episode, we are exploring the role of the microbiome in regulating our immune system. I am joined by microbiome expert and microbiology researcher Kiran Krishnan as we dive deep into this interesting health topic.

It might come as a surprise to you to know that you are a walking, talking rainforest.

With the huge number of organisms coexisting in every inch of your body, you are as diverse as a rainforest. In fact, these organisms outnumber human cells. The organisms include bacteria, fungi, viruses, and parasites. 

These organisms together make up the microbiome, which controls so much of our health. 

The microbiome doesn’t just exist in the gut, as many people wrongly believe. It is everywhere in our body, particularly in the skin and the mucosal environment. 

How the Microbiome Controls our Immunity

The microbiome and immune system are closely connected. For the immune system to respond to a pathogen, it must get the signal from the microbiome. Kiran likens the microbiome to the neighborhood watch.

But for the microbiome to function as it should and alert the immune system to the presence of a foreign pathogen, it must be in balance. 

Besides immunity, emerging research shows that the microbiome impacts other processes such as the circadian rhythm, nutritional responses, and metabolism. 

This brings up our next talking point. 

The Connection Between Microbiome and the Epidemic of Chronic Illnesses

A vast majority of chronic illnesses can be traced back to dysfunction in our microbiome. This is what is known as dysbiosis of the microbiota. When the balance and diversity of the microbiome are affected by any outside influence, critical aspects of our health are affected. 

This might explain the epidemic of chronic illnesses and allergies we are experiencing. 

The microbiome is designed to exist in a delicate balance with the immune system to eliminate pathogens without attacking itself. When it is out of balance, autoimmunity may occur. 

Tune in to Part 1 of this conversation to connect the dots on our microbiome, innate immunity, and the epidemic of chronic illnesses.

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