The Keys to Weight Loss and Real Change Part 1 with Joel Evan

Joel Evan knows all about the unnecessary suffering of illness first hand. His son was

Joel Evan knows all about the unnecessary suffering of illness first hand. His son was struggling with a hidden infection called PANS/ PANDAS. And Joel had to learn everything he could to try to help his son heal. And he did eventually heal.  His mother struggled with a breast cancer diagnosis and that led Joel to find more experts and even more knowledge. 

These experiences left Joel with new knowledge and a desire to help as many people as he could through health coaching.

This is Part 1 of our conversation with Joel Evan, health coach and weight loss expert. He gives us his insights and experience on what improves the health of his clients. He discusses the keys to achieving weight loss and health that lasts. He has practical tips on detox in an ever-increasingly toxic world.

  • Mindset is key to getting good results from a protocol
  • Address any imbalances and your weight loss will follow
  • Get your emotional health in check
  • Detox helps with a variety of things including weight loss


Joel shares that his philosophy with clients is to not be too aggressive killing bad microbes like Candida.

Rather than aggressive killing protocols, Joel has seen success with clients by giving the body what it needs. He believes that If you can create homeostasis and add what its missing, the body can heal naturally. 

What is True Health?

"A healthy body cannot be overweight." Joel Evan

Lots of clients come to Joel for weight loss and he gets why. We want to lose weight especially when we have been trying for ages with no success. But Joel believes in health first. A good weight is a reflection of good health and this is something he teaches his clients.

Joel Evan is a big believer in the mind-body connection. He shares the story of a friend with diverticulitis symptoms and severe abdominal pain. Doctors were struggling to figure out what was wrong with her.  Joel was concerned about her and suggested to she look at her emotional state to see if she had any unresolved issues. He saw her some weeks later and remarked on her amazing transformation. Her gut issues were gone. She was full of energy. The only thing she changed since she saw him was that she started working seriously on her emotions. Miraculously her pain disappeared.

Our modern society is more toxic than ever. He points out the EPA website states that we are exposed to 86,000 man-made chemical toxins every year. Joel guides his clients through functional medicine detox. He has seen detox help with so many things like

  • Better hormonal health
  • Better weight
  • Better sleep
  • Rebalances blood sugar
  • Rebalance cortisol levels

Joel Evan is a health coach and founder of Joel Evan Coaching. He hosts The Hacked Life podcast. He focuses on root cause health coaching and making good health easy for busy, time-starved people. Listen in to Episode 60 Part 1 to hear all about Joel Evan’s foundations to great health.

You can find Joel Evan Coaching here.

His podcast The hacked Life can be found here.

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