‍The Keys to Weight Loss and Real Change Part 2 with Joel Evan‍

This is Part 2 of our conversation with Joel Evan, health coach and weight loss expert

This is Part 2 of our conversation with Joel Evan, health coach and weight loss expert. Joel is full of insight and inspiration. He generously shares how he motivates his clients and how he keeps himself motivated as well.  He describes how he works with clients who come to them for health coaching. What Joel tells us is beautifully simple. 

  • Health is the primary focus. Healthy weight follows naturally.
  • Find your why. Take time to think about your health goals. They will sustain you better than willpower alone.
  • Try a liver and gall bladder detox 
  • Sleep is key
  • Find hidden toxicity
  • Keep the supplements to just the essentials


One wish

Joel is passionate about help people reach their health goals. As anyone with a chronic illness knows, when you have lost your health, regaining it consumes your every thought. It’s impossible to think about anything else. You may research endlessly, learning everything you can about your condition. You may bounce from doctor to doctor, picking up new or conflicting diagnoses. Occasionally you may bounce from one alternative therapy to another. All the while you have one purpose. To regain your health.

A healthy person has the luxury of possibility. They are not limited by their physical ailments. They spend no time worrying about their health. So they have more time to devote to their goals, their families and the world.

Joel reminds us to look at the example of Steve Jobs. You can have the world at your feet, be a leader in your field, and a huge bank account but if you don’t have your health…. none of it matters. 


Inspiration to reach your goals

Joel was a police officer in San Francisco for 14 years. In time he realized he did not agree with the medical mandates for officers. He left unsure what he was going to do. He did some soul-searching for his next direction and realized he wanted to be a health coach. He took the leap into natural health coaching and he’s never been happier.

He believes that if you are on the right path, you will be guided to the right people and circumstances. He’s really an inspiration. He shares his path in the hope it inspires other people to lean into their fear and do what they are called to do.

Joel Evan is a health coach and founder of Joel Evan Coaching. He hosts The Hacked Life podcast. He focuses on root-cause health coaching and making great health easy for busy, time-starved people. Listen in to Episode 61 Part 2 to hear all about Joel Evan’s foundations to great health.

You can find Joel Evan Coaching here.

His podcast The hacked Life can be found here.

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