Why Integrative Medicine Is the Solution to Chronic Illness w/ Dr. William Lee Cowden

Today, many patients are struggling with numerous conditions that the conventional med

Today, many patients are struggling with numerous conditions that the conventional medical establishment doesn’t have answers to. There is not much help coming their way from the conventional doctors who are limited in their options. 

Clearly, the pharmaceutical paradigm is failing us big time. Little wonder that doctors and patients alike seek answers in the integrative medicine world. 

At the forefront of this revolution is Dr. William Lee Cowden. 

He went to the University of Texas Medical School in 1978 and was board-certified as a cardiologist and internist. 

Transition from Allopathic to Integrative Medicine 

While in medical school, Dr. Cowden developed allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, and bronchitis, which were only getting worse with more drugs. This was until his wife’s grandmother, a self-taught nutritionist, visited and saw the misery he was in. 

She took him down to the local health food store to get some vitamins, minerals, and herbs. Surprisingly, he got well in about a month. 

This was the beginning of his journey into the integrative medicine space. He subsequently immersed himself in books, research articles on nutrition, herbs, integrative therapies, etc. 

Having had a taste of both worlds and seen what works and what doesn’t, he transitioned from allopathic to integrative medicine, where he feels his calling is.

"What I'm hoping we're able to do for people is help them have as many toolboxes that they can go to in their health cabinet" Damon Ernst

Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine

He co-founded the Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine to teach healthcare practitioners what works in healing the human body. 

He has pioneered successful treatments of cardiovascular diseases, cancer, autism, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and many other illnesses.

Dr. Cowden has a deep understanding of approaching healthcare from a truly comprehensive perspective, including detoxification, nutritional, emotional, and spiritual tools for healing. 

In addition to teaching and mentoring doctors on integrative medicine, he has co-authored six books and contributed to numerous other publications.  

Tune in to this episode and be encouraged on the many options we have to treat and prevent illnesses and the spiritual dimension of health. 

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